As a brand, Desertwaste emphasises  the importance of staying true to your needs, passions and growing up without growing old and to fill the void of cutting edge alternative apparel for the bold fashion icons.
It’s a labor of love and hard work from Jasmina Musaly also known as Jazz alias @Jazzersxx.

The early career of Jazz consisted as an typical interior stylist/designer. Started at smaller firms and was promoted to bigger agencies. She spent the majority of her early years bringing other people’s dreams to life, and she didn’t want to spend another minute doing the same. She is now working for herself.

It started with a simple trip to her fatherland Egypt, as she stood a mile away from some pyramids in the desert.. the first inspirations were born in her mind. She was inspired by all the sand from the desert that seemed to lead to nowhere yet there were a thousand different storys to be told about the desert. One of her favourite quote is there by:

“If you didn’t grow up like I did then you don’t know, and if you don’t know, it’s probably better you don’t judge.”

Desertwaste stays true to that concept, forever standing a mile away from an pyramid surrounded by sand in the desert and that is and what will be the foundation of the brand forever.

Jazz started wearing her own made clothes and got positive comments. With its rapid growth and popularity, Jazz found the necessity to launch her own line, DESERTWASTE

Jazz’s first love has always been and always will be her fatherland. She continues to give back to her roots through the products and opportunities she provides through the company.

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